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You Can Revolutionize the Way Communities Recover from Disaster

Every Donation Counts, Thank you for your support!

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Connecting Help with Need during Disaster Recovery

Imagine in the next disaster, that you can help your neighbors in real time, that you can get information in real time, that you can help our community recover together, faster and stronger.

Join us!

We turn strangers into neighbors through disaster recovery, building stronger, resilient communities and creating lasting cultures of kindness:

  • We connect help with need on a 1-to-1 scale – the Craigslist for disaster recovery.
  • We empower individuals to directly help their neighbors.
  • We partner with nonprofits and government agencies to solve immediate, unique and unexpected challenges.
  • We build strong, resilient communities.

Donating highlights YOUR leadership in supporting statewide efforts to ensure that no one falls through the cracks after a disaster.

We are the Future of Disaster Recovery:

Technology Improvements:
We are replacing our web-platform with a phone app that uses AI technology to efficiently connect help with need. Your donation improves our technology, helping more communities recover from disasters.

Organizing Communities:
When disaster strikes, everyone wants to help but nobody knows how. Your donation builds our Rapid Deployment Plan – essentially a community a to-do list to manage the outpouring of community support in the aftermath of disaster.

Global Expansion:
What we built locally, needs to exist globally. Your donation expands our reach to deploy in disasters throughout California, then nationally and ultimately globally. Working with local business, government and relief partners -- like the Red Cross, we build stronger, more resilient communities.

Thank you for Connecting Help with Need in Small, Large and Amazing Ways. Everybody has a place in the recovery - find yours!